Dear supporters,

Happy New Year!

Our family had a great time worshipping God in the morning and at night on Christmas and New Years.  It was wonderful to gather as a family to lift God’s name.  “Only His name will be praised in our home”.  Our family will worship every night that God reigns in our house.

Christmas Caroling: Over 30 students from JP went to 8 different houses to sing carols, and pray for each house as one voice.  I thank God for a non-Christian neighbor, who invited us to sing carols in front of their house. She remembered Silent night and Holy night and sang with us.  I notice that some of non-Christians are lonely, and are open to Christmas caroling.  We went around the Fairfax county to sing out to Jesus.

Reston elderly Home: 50 Chinese elderly people gathered to listen to Christmas hymns, hear testimonies, listen to a sermon and participate in fun games.  They were so happy to play games and receive many prizes.

JP Christmas Gathering:  I thank parents for participating in this event.  It included personal testimonies, skits, a message, and a presentation from the different guitar classes. We all enjoyed the pot-luck dinner.  We give all the glory to God.  We want to see morepraise leaders being produced from JP.

JP leadership training:  Gathered 20 students to spend all day in God’s word.  I pray for a retreat center where we can train the youth to learn God’s Word.  It is exciting to be with youth who will become effective Christian leaders for the next generation.

Dare2share:  JP is so excited to participate in the Dare2share conference on Jan 25-26.  Twenty five of us will go to Dare2share, and there will be 4 hours of witnessing at the mall, and street.  Please pray for good weather so we can witness in both outdoor and indoor areas.  Witnessing is always challenging to the Christian life.  I pray for God’s mercy and blessing.

His servant,

Sharon Song